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Mitopro is an independent corporate responsibility agency focusing on business benefits and value creation from sustainability. Mitopro experts Mikael Niskala and Tomi Pajunen have long experience working with corporate sustainability management with the leading Nordic companies.

Mitopro connects sustainability issues directly with financial performance and creates measurable results. Our special field of expertise is the measurement and reporting of sustainable business performance. We create business value from sustainability information.

Our service model adapts to our clients needs and we deliver practical to the point services and solutions on time. We are supported by a large global network of corporate sustainability professionals.





Customer focus:

We are a trusted long term partner for our clients. Our experience enables us to deliver practical solutions efficiently


We are experienced corporate responsibility professionals. Our knowledge builds on decades of experience in working with corporate sustainability


Our work is guided by integrity and full customer confidentiality

Who we are

Mikael Niskala

I have worked in various positions of corporate sustainability for more than 20 years. This gives me a broad perspective to responsible business and the business implications of sustainability. As a sustainability accountant and economist  I have always tried to combine financial performance and sustainability with concrete measures, results and practical actions. As a pioneer in the field I have been involved in creating the reporting standards and the best practises in the companies. I have had a pleasure to work with client’s practical sustainability management issues as well as a member of an international research network. I have been establishing professional sustainability service practises in Big Four –companies and specialised environmental technology companies. My network among the corporate sustainability professionals, academic research community and different stakeholders internationally is exceptionally large. My experience and knowledge are now available as Mitopro services.

Tomi Pajunen

Tomi Pajunen

My professional goal is to make corporate sustainability management as easy as possible. Over 15 years of experience combining corporate sustainability and business performance management gives a solid base for my expertise. Throughout my career I have worked with delivering practical sustainability management services and solutions for client’s complex problems. I have experience from working with various sectors corporate sustainability issues with large multinational companies as well as small start up’s. My speciality is the measurement, reporting and performance management of corporate sustainability and linking that performance as part of business management practises and tools. I believe that the sustainable business performance can be measured and linked to value creation. That value I create through Mitopro services.