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Practical Solutions

We help our clients to recognize the material aspects of corporate responsibility. Materiality analysis is a tool for recognizing material corporate responsibility aspects and to link them into business .

Analysing the views of relevant stakeholders and engaging them into decision making builds trust and brings valuable insight into management. Mitopro helps it’s clients to find the most efficient and practical ways to succesful stakeholder analysis and engagement.

Corporate Responsibility Program ensures that defined and required actions and targets are implemented efficiently in the organisation. Mitopro helps it’s clients to create realistic and ambitious plans to implement corporate responsibility actions into practise.

We help our clients to define the the best KPI’s and supporting processes and systems for gathering and communicating the performance internally and externally.
Mitopro is an experienced expert in corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting. We help our clients to define the report content, recognize the material aspects, define and calculate the indicator data and utilise different reporting standards as well as external assurance of reported information.