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Big Data for Sustainability Management

Big Data for Sustainability Management

eRevalue presents Datamaran™ – Delivering Digestible Data for Sustainable Business Management 

Mitopro has joined a group of thought leaders from across the globe to pilot eRevalue’s Datamaran™, a strategic business intelligence software. Datamaran™ connects millions of data points to spot new forms of regulatory and competitive risks and opportunities. It tracks how a company’s industry, peers, and stakeholders are responding to the rapidly evolving business and regulatory landscape.

eRevalue, the company behind the software, envisions ”a world in which companies create sustainable value by integrating regulatory and societal risks and opportunities into core business today.eRevalue’s mission isto empower companies through technology, to make big data digestible and to distill essential knowledge.”

Mitopro shares this vision and mission, and is proud to be among the early adopters of Datamaran™. We see Datamaran™ being an important enabler for companies to create lasting business value.

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